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12 Brick Lane, London, Greater London51.51763580-0.07086420

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Bengal Cuisine is run by husband and wife team Mr and Mrs Rashid. They are both from Bengal.

The colourful varied history of the Bengal region is reflected in its diverse khana, (the Bengal for cuisine). According to Mr Rashid who is something of an expert in these matters, the term chivalry was invented by Isha Khan a warrior king from the Moghul era. The fearsome Maan Singha, his opponent in a duel, broke his sword but instead of slaying him, Isha instantly gave him his own sword. Maan immediately stopped the fight overcome by the overwhelming generosity of Isha Khan and they became lifelong friends.

They are a simple, sensual, passionate and deeply spiritual people. Rituals connected to eating are essential to them and there are many food festivals throughout the year. The rich soil of the Bengal region is fed by numerous rivers which criss cross its 64 districts. Fish is the national dish so it is perhaps no surprise that it is the Fish Tikka curry dish that won Mrs Rashid her the curry chef of the year award. In the words of the ancient Gods: “The sun brings activity energy and vigour while Bengal Cuisine supplies sustenance and food.”


SMD: £ 15.00
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